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Why Performance Evaluations Are So Important

An integral part of the contract management process is the conduction of performance evaluations. These evaluations allow agencies to assess and document how well (or how poorly) vendors are managing the contract and mainly focus on three main areas: Quality, Timeliness Of Performance, and Fiscal Administration & Accountability. The evaluation …

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Best Practices for Responding to and Winning RFPs

If you are looking to add government agencies to your client roster, you are going to have to develop expertise in responding to and winning RFPs. Here are my recommendations for some of the best practices you can follow: Read the Entire Solicitation: Avoid skipping right to the scope of …

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Cash Flow Matters: Preparing Your Business for Growth

Business owners have a natural drive to grow and scale their business. There are lots of obstacles and distractions in the way, but your best chances for successful growth requires you to think about the big picture—while also drilling down into the nitty gritty of your business’s financial health. MWBEs, …

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