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City & State Diversity Summit

Last week, I had the distinct honor of speaking on a panel at the City & State Diversity Summit, diving deep into New York’s most significant upcoming projects. Let me tell you, the opportunities are vast. In 2022 alone, over $43 billion in construction contracts were awarded, and there’s even …

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Mastering the Balance: Navigating Stress and Success in Entrepreneurship

April is recognized as Stress Awareness Month. There was a time when I equated stress with the essence of running a small business, thinking that being stress-free indicated a lack of serious engagement in the enterprise. Conversations with peers who boasted about their 12-hour workdays, desk-bound meals, and the challenges …

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Empowering Supplier Diversity Success: The Role of Expert Compliance and Reporting Consultants

  In today’s dynamic landscape of construction and engineering, supplier diversity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of progress and inclusive growth. Beyond mere compliance, it represents an opportunity to foster positive change across industries through economic inclusion. But how can organizations ensure that their supplier diversity initiatives not …

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