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It’s time to make a greater impact by working with more minority and women-owned businesses. We guide you in planning for the changes you need to make to create connections and opportunities in a successful and streamlined manner.

Through reviewing goals, processes, and procedures we assist organizations to become more inclusive. We create programs that eliminate barriers your organization faces when attempting to implement supplier diversity programs while creating the structures necessary to support your supplier diversity teams. You’ll build trust with diverse communities through partnerships that ultimately tie into larger global initiatives around corporate and social responsibility.

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JKA Services

We create solutions for corporations and government agencies that have goals to include more minority and women-owned businesses in their supply chain. This also helps organizations make more of an impact in the larger community. We also assist small diverse suppliers who need to adapt and gain access to new opportunities through capacity-building programs.


We are the experts at minority and women-owned business supply chain inclusion.

We review your outreach strategy, supplier diversity goals, as well as your internal processes and procedures to address barriers to success. Often we find that the systems in place are ineffective and lead to less than optimal outcomes.

We find ways to shift to a new successful dynamic through methods that we know work such as technology, education, coaching, and speaking engagements. We formulate plans to increase outcomes and help you make a larger impact for your organization, minority and women-owned business, and your community.

The JKA process has three pillars:

  • Transparency
  • Education
  • Technology

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Partner Connections

We help corporations connect with experienced and well-qualified minority and women-owned businesses through our innovative outreach and matchmaking programs.

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Customized Capacity Building Training

Our specialized programs are created to assist small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses seeking to gain access to opportunities with government agencies and large corporations.

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Speaking Engagements

Jean is available to lend her expertise and speak on diversity and inclusion throughout the corporate supply chain. She covers topics such as supplier diversity inclusion success stories, how to eliminate barriers to success, and ways to create best practices in the corporate supply chain.

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