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Contract to Cash: Financial Blueprint for Scaling Your Service Business

If you had the chance to talk with two of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country about financial success and scaling through doing business with government agencies and corporate clients FOR FREE…, would you take it?

Now that you have scaled your business to that million-dollar threshold, you will have to start thinking differently, looking at each aspect of your business to achieve a bigger vision.  We are talking about strategic positioning, wealth building, and investing.

You need guidance and real-world input from successful female entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success working with professional service organizations like yours. We offer a unique perspective as women in professional services who successfully scaled their own businesses and helped hundreds of others to do the same.   It is not just about business, it is about you, your impact, your future, your legacy.

You can now JOIN this revolutionary conversation about how mission-centered professional services businesses like yours can advance through collaboration and conversation.

Let us introduce you to these two entrepreneurs leading this new wave of conversations.

Jean Kristensen, Founder and CEO of JKA Solutions, attributes her motivation to her unwavering belief in the power of possibility. Jean is the CEO of JKA Solutions, a management consulting firm recently recognized by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest-growing firms in the US.  JKA Solutions is in the top 1% of black-owned U.S. management consulting firms and the top 3% of U.S. women-owned businesses. Jean now guides other female and minority-owned businesses on accessing lucrative government and corporate clients, helping them create wealth and a lasting impact in their families and communities because she believes everyone wins where there is real access to opportunity.

Andrea Jensen, Founder and CEO of The Cash Flow CFO, empowers business owners to manage their finances and future confidently. She was recognized by SUCCESS & FORBES Magazines as a Top 5 Business Strategist for scaling a company in 2023. The Cash Flow CFO’s foundation is rooted in extensive experience managing finance departments for some of the world’s largest companies.

Both women are in the top 1% of entrepreneurs in the country. They have real-life experience in owning and operating professional service organizations

They have grown multimillion-dollar companies from the ground up and are coming together because they believe in the power of collaboration.

They believe there’s enough room for EVERYONE to be successful at this table. All you must do is pull up your seat.

They are coming together to share their professional experiences and expertise to support women and minority-owned businesses in their path to success. Ask questions, share your experiences, and collaborate with other million-dollar female and minority-owned businesses to grow together.

Join the Masterclass by registering here.

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