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Generating Revenue through NYC Discretionary Spending

Generating Revenue through NYC Discretionary Spending

Are you an MWBE business owner or executive interested in increasing opportunities through government contracting? Or perhaps a prime contractor that wants to diversify your customer base?

Small and MWBE business owners often find it challenging to capture the attention of government agencies, making it almost impossible to land important contracts. This struggle can be detrimental to the success of a business. Not only does securing government procurement contracts help financially, but it also increases awareness of a brand, building up its profile, resulting in bigger and better contracts in the future.

Thankfully, there are programs to help with such difficulties, like the NYC Discretionary Spending initiative, which is an incredible way to help your company’s bottom line without going through the hassle of the bidding process!

If you find talk of all these processes a little confusing, then my upcoming webinar, Generating Revenue through NYC Discretionary Spending, presented in partnership with the NYC Department of Small Business Services, is for you. This online webinar will provide an overview of the discretionary purchases – micro purchases, small purchases, and MWBE non-competitive small purchases – that are sourced and awarded by New York City Agencies. 

This webinar is designed to teach you the rules of engagement and will show you how to best position yourself for MWBE Non-Discretionary opportunities.

There are many reasons that attending this event is a must for any MWBE.

You will:

  • Discover the definition of discretionary purchase methods: Micro, Small, and MWBE Non-Competitive Small Purchases.
  • Receive an overview of the procurement policy rules for micro/small purchases.
  • Find out how buyers select vendors for micro/small purchases.
  • Check if you are ready for procurement with a list of readiness standards. 
  • Learn strategies for marketing and networking with government buyers.

The Generating Revenue through NYC Discretionary Spending webinar will be held virtually on November 4th, from 10:00 Am – 12:00 PM. As always, it’s 100% free for minority and women small business owners to attend! 

Be sure to book ASAP to guarantee your spot. We will send you the WebEx Link 24 hours before the start of the event, so be sure to keep an eye on your Junk Mail folder, just in case it lands there by accident! 

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