3 Investments (Business & Personal) You Should Make in 2018

3 Investments (Business & Personal) You Should Make in 2018

Jean Kristensen - New Year - 2018 - 3 Investments (Business & Personal) You Should Make in 2018The New Year presents a great opportunity for new beginnings and better habits in all areas of your life—and your business is no exception.

All business owners know: improving is part of growing your business. After all, growth spurts in business are sometimes referred to as “growing pains” for a reason! What’s challenging about making improvements is identifying those areas and knowing how to address them.

I’ve previously discussed the value of investing in yourself by working with a business mentor or coach. If you are not ready to take that step yet, there are more ways than one to better yourself and your business.

Here are three investments you should make in yourself and your business to be a top performer in 2018:

  1. Recharge Your Health & Wellness

The evidence is undeniable; the majority of top-performing CEOs and executives across all industries make time for themselves and take good care of their minds and bodies. Leaders are particularly prone to stress; so healthy eating habits, regular exercise, taking time off, and mindfulness are areas to improve. A wellness strategy will help to reduce your stress and ultimately put you in a position to better manage your business.

  1.  Upgrade Your Technology

Leaders who invest in technology are positioning themselves to be head and shoulders above competition in nearly all aspects of their business. Investing in technology helps to automate routine tasks, provide a better customer service experiences, as well as market research, marketing, and more. All of these things ultimately lead to greater efficiencies, which creates a competitive advantage attractive to both current and potential clients.  

  1. Better Yourself with Professional Development

Investing in professional development has proven to be a great tool in increasing market share. Increasing your knowledge and skill base can make you a more effective leader and business person. Additionally, providing professional development for your staff with simple training opportunities or tools will make them better performers. All of these things will ultimately take your business potential to the next level.

The New Year is your chance to do things right from the start and take better care of yourself and your business. Position yourself for success by investing in these areas.

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