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5 Tips for A Strong Year End

So here we are already, Thanksgiving behind us and only a few weeks left before 2016. I actually love this time of year because it really forces us to reflect on what kind of year end we will have. It’s also time to start thinking about what we can do in 2016 to either maintain or improve results. Here are my top 5 tips for a strong year end:


  1. Call Your Accountant: get on his/her calendar before things get too busy next year. You want to start having the discussion about tax liabilities and obligations and make sure that you are on target with your estimates. Financial planning and goals should also be a part of the discussion. Where does your business need to be to obtain the line of credit or bonding that you need? Are there any new tax or local laws that will affect how you do business? What about employee benefits? What about your personal financial goals? Retirement, savings, etc.?
  2. Analyze What Worked Really Well: as you reflect back on the year – what worked really well? Did you take on new client that you achieved excellent results for? Do you have a good relationship with a prime contractor or government agency – how did you get that new contract? I recommend looking at what worked well, documenting it, duplicating it and leveraging it.
  3. What is not working? Equally as important as looking at what’s working well, is analyzing what is not working.   Last year at about this time, I realized that I did not have the best year because I was doing too many things and involved in way too many activities. I see a lot of us doing that – we are busy, too busy. Look at what you are doing and if it’s not producing results, its time to rethink things.
  4. Say Thank You: remember to say thank you to those clients, staff members, strategic alliances, subcontractors, referral sources and other teammates who have been there with you throughout the year.   Everyone appreciates being thought of at this time of year – and a little kindness goes a long way.
  5. Networking: I always hear people talking about – how nothing gets done at this time of the year because people are in holiday mode.   Not true – this is the time to focus on solidifying and building relationships that will carry you through next year and the years ahead.

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