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July 23, 2020   |   Episode #: 9

Episode 9: Selling to the Government

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In this episode, I cover some critical steps to get you started selling your services to the government. The process begins by understanding that city, state, and the federal government release procurement forecasts, an annual list of what they’re buying and planning to spend for the coming year. Educating yourself about what the government is planning to spend and on what is vital knowledge.

I’ll touch on six main steps of making sure your business is ready to offer services to the government:

Step 1 – Be clear on what goods and services the government is buying.

Step 2 – Housekeeping: Learn the rules of engagement, which websites you will need to register on, and generally make sure you meet the criteria for doing business.

Step 3 – Learn how the government does business (examples included).

Step 4 – What happens when you connect to clients and the need for follow-up strategies.

Step 5 – Finding new ways to communicate your message and offerings.

Step 6 – Once you know your audience, have a strategy to reach your goals, such as adapting your sales style to meet current conditions, such as more visual marketing, use of technology, and more.

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