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We see you. You and the organization you represent are making the effort to change the way you do business through your supply chain. You want to make a beneficial impact in your community.

Yet the systems that are in place are not working to connect with minority and women-owned businesses.

JKA knows how to make an impact. We are your game changer when It comes to supplier diversity. We support you in creating the systems and processes that connect small businesses and corporations. We give you the tools and knowledge you need to create successful partnerships with women and minority owned businesses

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Hi, I’m Jean Kristensen founder of JKA, a Supplier Diversity Consultant Group.

We at JKA understand the impact that getting a large contract with a corporate partner has on a small business.

Over 20 years ago, it was my goal to break through the barriers of being a small minority-owned business and increase my firm’s capacity by leveraging my certification as a diverse supplier.

It was not easy, but I cracked the code landing multiple government contracts and landing my first corporate client with a well-known national bank. By leveraging my certification our firm created a significant impact in our community through job creation, increased wealth and the inclusion of additional diverse suppliers through Tier 2 and 3 opportunities.

JKA continues to create impact as the lead Supplier Diversity Consultant for a number of government agencies and large corporations.

Press Logos: Daily News, Forbes, Huffpost, City & State New York

Some examples of the results we have achieved include:

  • In a 6 month period, we increased the value of contracts for a group of minority and women-owned businesses by over 60 Million by adding contracts to large organization’s supplier diversity programs (revenues were increased overall by 30%).
  • JKA is the lead Supplier Diversity Consultant on a multi-year 3 billion project we realize our corporate partner’s goal of closing the wealth gap by creating access to opportunity, through awarding 30% of contracts to small, local and diverse firms.
  • We’ve worked with over 10,000 minority and women owned firms, by providing Capacity Building Training and intensive one-on-one technical assistance.
  • We have a wide range of supportive services to connect diverse suppliers to resources including bonding, insurance and contract financing.

We understand the complexities associated with supplier diversity programs and MWBE participation goals.

We know how difficult the job can be and our team understands how to work through difficult situations. We work with our clients to create transparent solutions that fosters trust and inclusion with diverse suppliers helping them to reach their Supplier Diversity goals.

Our purpose at JKA is to assist government agencies and large corporations meet their Supplier Diversity goals and increase their impact by connecting to and creating opportunities with minority and women-owned businesses.


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Discover Success through Inclusion Consulting

As the experts in supply chain inclusion, we consult with large organizations to address barriers faced by diverse suppliers and formulate plans to increase outcomes.


Make the Supplier Diversity Connection

Through the use of technology we help corporations easily connect with experienced and well qualified minority and women owned businesses.


Join Customized Capacity Building Training

Success programs for small, minority owned and women owned businesses seeking to gain access to opportunities with government agencies and large corporations.

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